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Life Groups 10am
F.U.S.E. Youth Group 10am
Adult Worship 11am
Kids Worship 11am
6-7:30pm every week 
Do you have questions about The Church at Webster Park? Are you looking to get more involved in a community church? Are you looking for a place where you and your kids will be accepted and loved? Please, feel free to click below and contact us so we can better serve you as you continue on your spiritual journey.
Why We Exist
The Church at Webster Park is a local church with a global perspective that focuses on Truth, Family and the Mission. We live in a time where absolute Truth is not only questioned, but negated. What is true for you may not be what is true for me. The Bible teaches us that not only is absolute Truth, well....absolute, but it also teaches that you cannot experience a great life without it. We believe the source for absolute Truth is found in the 66 books that form the infalible Holy Bible. As far as family goes, we believe that the church should represent the meaning of family to any culture. We should be loving and kind to one another no matter our past.
Family is a place to belong. Family is a place where perfect people don't fit in. Family is who we are when we have given our lives to Jesus Christ. Whether we are biological, adopted, fostered, single, married, man or woman...we are family and love one another. Finally, there is the Mission. The mission is a clear directive from God to go and tell the world the good news of God opening up the adoption of humans into his family. The Church represents Jesus Christ to every person in this amazing world. Our Mission is to represent Christ absolutely as He was and is to everyone we come into contact with.
Galatians reminds us that we now live under grace and are not confined to the law. God has given us immense freedom to share His love with everyone we come into contact with. We are not called to be legalistic, but are called to be prolific in grace.
Contact Our Staff
J R Gann - Pastor
Heather Bryant - Nursery
Michelle Cramer​- Kids' Ministry
Tony Johnston- Youth Ministry 
​Laura Gann - Worship Mini stry
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  Upcoming Summer Events

June 9-16: Church-wide Guatemala Mission Trip

June 25-28: Community-wide VBS 

July13-20: Youth in inner City St. Louis Mission Trip


Be in prayer for all that our church is doing this summer !
Don't forget to sign up to volunteer in our 2018 VBS!!! Invite your friends and family!